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Are you feeling lost
in your
career ?

Overcome your lack of confidence and achieve a more fulfilling career path beyond the Corporate world.

It all starts with one conversation

  I know …
You’re feeling unhappy, stressed and unfulfilled.

Every morning you wake up with a knot in your stomach dreading the day ahead. You’re feeling stuck, trapped even where you are. On the outside it looks like the perfect job, the perfect life but inside you are constantly feeling anxious and unsatisfied, disconnected from your current life and self.


But what next? Where can you go from here? 


Work doesn’t have to make you feel that way. In fact, if going to work makes you feel this way then you’re not where you’re supposed to be, and it might be time for you to move forward. But you don’t have to do it alone.

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Are you ready to Unlock your career potentials and find a more fulfilling path?

Coaching with me could help you … 


  • Feel empowered and fulfilled by the work you do

  • Have  a clear understanding of your own abilities and how to use them 

  • Be happy and in harmony in the life you chose to create

  • Regain your confidence to take your next steps

  • Learn to prioritise your own needs and still care for others

  • Bring more creativity and meaning into your life and work

  • Have a clear sense of direction and how to get there


I am Marie, a career and personal development coach.

After more than 20 years of experience in the Arts & Creative Industry, I found myself stuck and lost in a career that was no longer my passion. So I understand first-hand the pain, uncertainty and fear that can come with changing your career path.


Drawing on my own experience as well as a tried and tested framework and tools, I coach women in their thirties and forties like you who struggle to recognise their abilities and achievements.


I will help you gain clarity and confidence and create a career path that feels meaningful, allows you to grow and brings you joy.

I believe that once you tap into your potential and own them, you'll make the best decisions for yourself. I believe your creativity will overflow and your energy rippled onto your life and career as well as others.

Marie really helped me to ask myself the right questions and guide me through building a more fulfilling career. Her approach was full of compassion, understanding and valuable tools to put in practice. I have gained self-confidence, clarity about my purpose and goals, and overall left her program with a feeling of empowerment as well as more resilience which are key when embarking on a new journey.
Carine P. 

How much longer are you willing to stay in a job or situation that doesn't play to your potentials?


Are you committed to change?

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